Coastal Community Resilience

As a coastal neighborhood with 40,000+ residents from very diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, we realize that we are very vulnerable to coastal and climate impacts in East Boston. Hence, we are working towards sustainable coastal resilience in the face of increased climate impacts through continuous, grassroots community engagement and planning directly with the community at multiple scales.  The City of Boston has been diligently working on figuring out how to make our neighborhoods more resilient to climate change impacts.  The Climate Ready Boston report is the City's thorough analysis of climate impacts in all of Boston.  We can leverage existing efforts by working together.  If you are not familiar with the Climate Ready Boston report or the Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown report, you can read about in the links below, including information about East Boston-specific climate vulnerabilities:

Community Preparedness at the Local Level

The Harborkeepers is committed to helping East Boston become more resilient as part of our core mission of Coastal Community Resilience.  We are doing this in a wholistic way through coastal and marine education, environmental stewardship, grassroots community engagement and through our coastal community resilience initiatives.  Our latest effort involves a thoroughly-designed survey titled Family and Community Preparedness for Climate-Related Impacts and Emergencies in East Boston. This survey was designed with the help of a local expert research professional from East Boston.  We leverage resources locally and at the same time coalesce a diverse set of local community stakeholders to help in all of our work.  In the absence of large financial resources for now, our community pulls together to help the Harborkeepers with our mission of Coastal Community Resilience. This shows true resilience and as an organization, we are forever grateful.

Do you live in East Boston?  If so, here is how you can help.  Please fill out this survey that will help inform our future coastal community resilience programs and make East Boston better prepared for climate-related impacts. you don't live in East Boston, you can still help us! Please share this survey link with any neighbors, family or friends you might know that live in East Boston.  Thank you for helping East Boston become more resilient.  The results of this survey will be available to the community immediately after data collection on our website and social media outlets.

Upcoming Tabling Events

The Harborkeepers is making a presence in community preparedness events and opportunities in and outside of East Boston.  We share your concern about the lack of preparedness of many neighborhoods in the City of Boston including East Boston.  As a very unique and distinct neighborhood that is geographically an island set apart from the rest of Boston, we are very aware about the level of risks that East Boston faces if a sever climate event would hit New England and/or Boston directly. We feel it is imperative to take action now and we are doing this by taking small steps such as getting deeply involved in community preparedness.  We are out there in person and on social media giving demonstrations about how to prepare a 'Go To' kit as well as educating the community about flooding and other climate risks through grassroots engagement with the diverse community at multiple scales.  Local, disaster-trained community leaders from Harborkeepers are always ready to give you some tips and engage with our partners on these issues.

We always look for opportunities to engage with the East Boston community to create awareness about the waterfront, ocean pollution, climate resiliency and other coastal issues  We hope you can join us as we partner with other organizations and work together to create awareness and build coastal community resiliency together with the community. Stay tuned for more community preparedness events we are planning in East Boston with our local partners!  

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