Coastal and Marine Education in East Boston

As a committment to our mission, we set out to build coastal community resiliency in East Boston through coastal education.  We are doing this is by creating opportunites for the community to learn about the weather & climate, the Boston Harbor and its ecosystem and to prepare East Boston for environmental and climate-related impacts.  This initiative is informed by local community expertise as well as incorporates knowledge and experience from other coastal stakeholders.  Through this initiative, we provide programming on marine and climate education to youth and adults in East Boston and neighboring communities, find opportunities to foster environmental stewardship of the waterfront and we partner with other local groups and city-wide agencies, organizations and businesses who are also committed to improving coastal resiliency and want to join our network.  Working together hand in hand, we will become a more resilient coastal community!  

Upcoming Event:  Tour of the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Facility

As part of The Harborkeepers mission, we want to help provide local residents with opportunities to learn about the Boston Harbor and modern-day water infrastructure. We are excited to be organizing another tour of the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Facility, a one-of-a-kind facility in the entire nation! This facility has an amazing story and getting an inside tour of the huge digesters, museum, standing next to the wind turbines, seeing how sludge turns into fertilizer pellets and seeing the whole facility from the top is an extremely unique experience. This will be the last tour of the season before the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority closes up to the public for the winter. We only have 10 spots available so sign up today and be sure to follow the instructions for getting your authorization by the Office of Emergency Preparedness as soon as possible. This is a highly secure facility so everyone must have security clearance in advance. Register through the link below as soon as possible. The deadline for providing your information for security authorization from the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Preparedness is Monday, November 6!

Marine Education in East Boston

Our coastal marine education focus brings us to active and underserved communities alike, leveraging the community-building aspect of our activities.  The Marine Science Fair at the Shore Plaza East Apartments, a housing waterfront community located in the Eagle Hill neighborhood, is a great example of our approach to coastal education. We brought together resources from the various organizations and groups who are also committed to fostering environmental stewardship such as the New England Aquarium, the Irving Oil North Atlantic Right Whale Initiative, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Friends of Belle Isle Marsh, the Nantucket Lightshipt LV-112, Piers Park Sailing Center, Empower East Boston, Channel Fish, the Massachusetts Environmental Police and more.  We are grateful for the resources that these organizations are offering in our events and programming.  Our philosophy is that you sometimes do not need a lot of financial expenditures for effective coastal edcuation and programming.  Indeed, East Boston is already very resilient.  Check out our picture slideshow of the Marine Education Fair at Shore Plaza.

Summer Coastal Education Programming

This summer for the first time, we provided coastal education programming to East Boston youth by incorporating 2-3 hour educational sessions into existing summer camp programs in East Boston. We are very grateful to have been invited and entrusted by various East Boston-based organizations and groups to teach the children in East Boston about climate and marine education. Indeed teaching youth about the climate and the marine ecosystem is not only fun but enriching for us as educators and leaders.  It allows us to build trust and build partnerships centered around a shared experience and need, coastal community resilience.  We look forward to expanding this program in the future! Check out this funny video of the Youth Conservation Corps' visit to the Nantucket Lightship LV-112, docked on East Boston's shores as well as some awesome pictures of our summer coastal education programming.