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Community Preparedness - How can we better prepare for climate risks?

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Staying healthy, having access to resources and being prepared is critical to being resilient. We've been working hard to build capacity on the ground, share preparedness knowledge together with our partners and empower people in the neighborhood to help prepare themselves and their families for emergencies and disasters. The Harborkeepers works closely with the community and our city, state and federal partners on fostering community preparedness in East Boston and other neighborhoods. Engagement and education leads to collaboration and coordination which in turn leads to more resilient neighborhoods. 

Leveraging Preparedness Partner Expertise


Boston is at the forefront of emergency management, disaster planning and preparedness expertise. However, it takes multi-stakeholder collaboration and coalition-building to help build knowledge and capacity at the community level to foster local resiliency and help neighborhoods prepare.  The Harborkeepers helps leverage existing local knowledge, creates spaces of social connectedness, provides free and accessible preparedness training and helps link preparedness resources to the people to build on-the-ground resiliency.

Get Prepared!



Emergencies can happen at any time. Sign up for City of Boston Emergency Alerts now:


Partners in Preparedness and Resiliency

Fostering equitable resiliency requires building partnerships. Harborkeepers is committed to supporting stakeholders at all levels to build coordination, capacity and knock down siloes in preparedness. 

These partnerships help strengthen the readiness and resiliency of the community. 

  • The Harborkeepers is a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation ambassador. This means we use our outreach expertise and capacity to assure that local residents get up-to-date information on accurate weather forecasts and alerts to be better prepared for emergencies and climate disasters. 

  • The Harborkeepers is proud to have a special partnership with the United States Coast Guard, Sector Boston through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that helps improve coordination on marine and environmental response, foster environmental stewardship at the local level and enhance protection of the coastal environment. Learn more here. Our partnership with the USCG Auxiliary also helps build water-based preparedness skills in the community.

  • Also, as a partner of the Barr Foundation's Waterfront Initiative, The Harborkeepers works in conjunction with other waterfront stakeholders to create a welcoming, fun, productive and resilient waterfront, aWaterfront for All. 

  • As a local organization working on coastal and climate education, we are proud to be part of the CASL (Communities Advancing Science Literacy) project through the New England Aquarium with partner organizations from East Boston and Long Beach, California.


  • Cross-sector partnership-building in East Boston on climate preparedness is at the core of our work. Whether it's through a partnership with a local school, the City of Boston or a state agency, building coastal community resilience to prepare for climate emergencies is always the goal.

Heading to a local DCR beach for a swim? Be sure to call the DCR Beach Water Quality Hotline to find out about elevated bacterial levels & swim warnings by calling 617-626-4972.

More preparedness resources:


For maritime-related emergencies, such as sunken vessels, an oil spill, sheen or smell, vessels adrift, shoreline fires, hazards to navigation or detached piers or water rescues call the USCG Sector Boston Command Center 617-223-5757.

Power outages can happen anytime, to report Eversource power outages, call 1-800-286-2000. Remember, always assume downed power lines are energized & dangerous. For more power outage safety tips, to to
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