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Building Resilience in a Community at Risk

How do we build resilience in an urban coastal neighborhood already at risk? It starts from the ground up!

Together in partnership and collaboration, we can change the status quo narrative on climate resiliency. Environmental justice communities like East Boston need to have all the resources, support and investment available to not only be climate ready, but so that every single resident/family can thrive and prosper.  That requires not just urban planning on reducing flood risk and impacts from climate change but trust-building with communities, inclusive community engagement, and obtaining more funding resources to build more robust social and physical infrastructure.


Harborkeeper LOGO (White).png

Fostering Coastal Community Resiliency

Harborkeeper LOGO (White).png

Goal: To better understand climate risks & vulnerabilities

so as to be better prepared for storms & other types of disaster.

The Harborkeepers fosters awareness & advocacy

on climate-related risk factors in the neighborhood.

What are the plans in place that help guide

climate and coastal resilience-building in East Boston/Boston?

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