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An interactive story map on the East Boston Waterfront 

A storytelling project created in collaboration with MIT students
Karina Hinojosa, Kevin Ly, Tanner Bon, Sam Nitz.
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What are Designated Port Areas (DPA's)?

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Designated Port Areas
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DPA Boundary Map

East Boston DPA Boundary Review Process

The Office of Coastal Zone Management is currently reviewing the boundaries of the East Boston Designated Port Area, called a DPA Boundary Review process. The Notice of Request to Review the East Boston DPA  was made by the City of Boston. See Notice of Intent/Aviso de Intencion.


Why is it important for a coastal neighborhood like East Boston to be actively engaged in a DPA Boundary Review process? With such rapid changes happening in the neighborhood like a waterfront development boom including the Suffolk Downs development project, expansion of Logan Airport facilities, effects of a global pandemic and increased climate impacts, there are a lot of moving parts of this changing urban waterfront landscape that will impact this Environmental Justice community. You can learn more about DPA's and Harbor Planning from the Gloucester Harbor Planning Committee's Key Terms and Definitions.


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Questions about the East Boston DPA Boundary Review? 

The East Boston DPA Boundary Review 1st public comment period deadline was 3/12/21.

Please note there will be another comment period letter-writing opportunity in the consultative part of the process.

Click below for the meeting presentation slides from the 2/23/21 Coastal Zone Management virtual meeting. You can also find them in the CZM Public Notices webpage here.

Presentation in English
Presentation in English

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Presentacion en español

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Climate Ready Boston

What are the policies and guidelines that guide what happens on the Boston waterfront? Learn more below.

Chapter 91 Guide


Boston Harbor Now Harborwalk database

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Designated Port Areas

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Climate Ready Boston

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East Boston Municipal Harbor Plan


Learn more about the "Big" Boston Harbor Clean-up

The clean-up of the Boston Harbor was an incredible feat. Why is the clean-up of the Boston Harbor so important to waterfront advocacy today? 

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