Fostering Coastal Community Resiliency

East Boston is a very unique neighborhood:  its geography, maritime history, cultural diversity and in many other ways. You can learn more about the history of East Boston here. Today, we face additional risks to people and infrastructure that makes it more challenging to achieve climate resiliency. Thus, Harborkeepers believes that only if we work together can we protect it from further environmental and climate impacts while leveraging the opportunity to build coastal community resiliency. We are witnessing first-hand how environmental and climate-related impacts make East Boston more vulnerable than other Boston neighborhoods, as outlined in Climate Ready Boston. In order to advance state, regional and municipal climate resiliency plans, we must leverage local neighborhood knowledge as well as support the neighborhoods most at risk. Assuring that the community has a leadership role in climate resiliency planning is the key to building sustainable coastal community resiliency. As climate leaders, organizers and educators on the ground, we create spaces for connectedness and listen intently as people from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures and languages tell their story of struggle or of resiliency. 



Click here to learn more about Climate Ready Boston and how the city is preparing for climate change.  To search for climate data overlays for City of Boston neighborhoods, check out the Climate Ready Boston Map Explorer.